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Kachka's Stellar Gets it done
DOB 9/21/2018 Weight: 65lbs

Our Stella is such a snuggle bug. She thinks she is still a lap dog, but I really don't mind. I'll take all I can get from this sweet girl! Funnily, she'll sneak into the car when you aren't looking. She doesn't want to miss out on any chances to cuddle. Birds beware! She is always looking for them. 


Marchi's Duck Busting Boone at Kachka DOB 10/23/2017 Weight 75lbs

Marchi's Duck Busting Boone at Kachka standing at stud for approved bitches only. Contact us for more information.

Boone is such a sweetheart! He has an inquisitive nature usually followed with a goofy and playful smile. He loves car rides, boat rides, or just chilling out anywhere his people are. He's an easy going boy with the soul of a clown. His smile brings smiles to our faces.

IMG_6925 2.JPG
IMG_4052 2.jpg


Kachka's Charcoal at Night DOB 2/17/23, Weight 80lbs

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