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Puppy Susie

AKC Registered

OFA tested

Susie as a puppy


Breton Gate  Susie's in Montana at Cormoret

Breton Gate Susie's in Montana at Cormoret
DOB 7-22-2015, Weight 69lbs

Susie has been such a joyful addition to our lives. She has a sweet disposition, and loves to follow us around everywhere. She's very playful, and loves to retrieve! 

Puppy Drake

Drake as a puppy


Marchi's Duck Busting Drake at Cormoret

Marchi's Duck Busting Drake at Cormoret
DOB 1-15-2015, Weight 78lbs

Drake is a curious boy that loves attention. He thinks you should always have your hand on his head. He is such a loving dog! If there's any water around, he's in it. Surely, buckets are meant to swim in, not drink, right? 



Legacy's 12 GA Inca from Boulder Crest at Kachka
IMG_4043 2.jpg
IMG_4049 2.jpg

DOB 7-6-17, Weight 60lbs

Inca is my most lovable girl. She follows me everywhere, even to bed. Of all of our dogs, she also has the softest coat, and loves to snuggle. She also loves water any way she can get it. She thinks the hose is her personal water toy! She can't wait for us to water anything. 


Inca as a puppy

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